Jessie Campbell May 2015 Guest Writer

A Proclivity for Pixies

by Jessie Campbell

It occurs sometimes in the corner of the eye, when you see a brief movement in the shadows, that you have seen a Pixie. And if you are ever so lucky it may happen that the Pixie comes out and takes you into their confidence. This is what has happened to me with Lara Nguya.

Lara is a long time creator in OSG but has recently shown me a land of her making that is both enchanted and ingenious. I speak now of the wonderful world of Cordula and the surrounding regions of Ranginui and Papatūānuku. Filled with a wonder of land builds that invite secret trails and passages, it also contains hidden secrets that may take me years to fully discover.

There are magnificent waterfalls hidden in secret underground caves. There are impossible hidden rooms that slowly move you from the ground, through various levels of interesting places to an ultimate nexus in the heavens that reveal the Event Horizon before a gigantic black hole. Sprinkled throughout are a multitude of places to just sit and enjoy the sumptuous surroundings and read the writings of some of the most thoughtful authors of our time. Or you can just fly with the butterflies!

Luckily there is a beginning start place in Cordula (Cordula means Sea Jewel). When you arrive look just past the large building for the Cordula Central Teleporter. It is an amazing little model of Cordula. Be sure to get a Landmark there as you will return over and over to explore the various points of interest. Touch the box at the top of the pole there to get a notecard of landmarks.

On my personal tour Lara took me over all kinds of places. She has a way with the land creation. The paths are all there to find…through enchanted woods and hilly places…and in most cases you simply cannot walk any other way. Follow the way you can walk…and you will get from place to place. And there ARE walking portals from region to region if you can find them! Good luck!

You must find the entrance to the Grand Underground. There you will find lush falls and even lusher greenery. There is no place there that does not give you a grand view of them. If you stand by the base of the falls and wait you will find a boat that comes around. Hop in for a nice little tour! If you spy the woman on the horse….use her to find the guardian!

Another fun thing to do is look for the lovely orchids she has placed over all the regions. These are delicate creations hidden in recesses of trees and dark mossy areas. Try to find them all! If you do you will have seen most of the hidden recesses of these enchanted lands!

There is a Labyrinth on Cordula that takes some walking, bumping, turning and such….and if you get to the center and face the knarly vision…you will be taken to even a larger labyrinth in the sky. All very fun!

Second star to the right and straight on till morning will end you up in the Cosmos! If you find the Cosmos look around and be sure to walk into the Mars exhibit! Click the central globe and stand back as a very faithful replica of the Mars Rover appears. It is over 800 prims and very detailed. It only stays for a moment…so look it over good! After you marvel there walk back into the Cosmos and look for a link to the Event Horizon. As it is explained the Event Horizon is a point just outside of a black hole in space, from which nothing, not even light, can escape. It is fascinating to see the things captured inside of a black hole. Walk up the ramp, through the sun, and observe the rotation of a planetary system as it is pulled in.

Beware of the secret fantasy formation that drops you into the jaws of a giant squid! Not easy to find but worth the time and effort!

Should you meet Lara, be prepared to speak Pixish. She will speak in her own Pixie language and even kindly give you a dictionary should you need help to slip into her fascinating world. As she would say “ take care ifn yu go der. Is mystic.”

This land is well worth the time to explore. You won’t be sorry.




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I Believe in fairys, mermaids, unicorns, angels and all things magical. The word 'magic' lifts my spirits, puts a glow in my heart and a smile on my face ♥ Step in Sunshine☼
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