Foxx Bode July 2015 Guest Writer

Guest Writer:

Cheers, by Foxx Bode

On topic and what makes you tick… I recently was asked by a friend to cook up a nice article for the new HyperZ magazine VISIONZ. Since I maintain a blog on OSgrid for a couple of years now, one would expect me to be able to write a decent article. Unfortunately, it’s harder to pick a subject and give your opinion on it than you would imagine, especially in the field/environment of the Metaverse.

I feel to have gained a little knowledge on a lot of subjects over the years, but not a whole lot in detail. Many people I meet are extremely good at one thing, and simply don’t bother with much of anything else. Others just come, see and move along when their interests shift..  As I wander the 3D worlds for a decade now, I learnt a lot about its users. There just like people! Each with his/her own scrutinous reasons to exist in these worlds.  Now it would be easy to write an article about myself or my club, but since that’s all available online already, it would feel like narcissism. So i’ll have to choose something else for this article. Something nice, something different. I invite you to join me in my quest for a subject … I could write about: Technical things about OSgrid or its setup ?  Done that before, and it’s been done so often. Won’t fit in any short or “readable” article either. Also not per se extremely useful for other grid inhabitants. How about an article of the events within the hypergrid, with a nice calendar, and some info about the venue(s)/interview with the owner(s)? Great idea, just not for me to write, that’s an editor’s job. Interviews are nice, and I know enough very interesting avatars in various grids that can do awesome and fascinating stuff I couldn’t even dream about.  But an article is not an interview.  It’s stuff you need to ask the subject expert, as else you have no article. How about something about the great educational projects all over the globe that use Opensimulator as a base for their lessons/ instructions ? Would make an awesome article too, but I don’t feel I have enough “background” nor expertise in that field to write something useful. Also the education varies from projects to teach Chinese children in remote farmer villages English via a simulator game, to medical/psychological trainings, and kids living remote of their schools being educated remotely in VW’s, all the way up to military strategical trainings so one could probably fill a book, rather than just an article.

Something about Building ? About Creating ? Scripting ? Mesh ? Nicer to do or to demonstrate in a video tutorial,  than to write about IMO. And since I’m not a scripter/coder, and find blender a PITA user unfriendly piece of software, this is also better for some other writer(s)  that do know what they talk about.

A funny article then, as people like to laugh: In the years I have spent on the grid I’ve slowly learnt that my “blunt Dutch humor” sometimes looks very different in writing, than the way I “meant” (or they way it would have been perceived when it would have been spoken). Especially in translations things become way less “funny” or even awkward sometimes, (making me look like an uncivilised 5 year old monkey). So let’s not even think about writing humorous stuff. Don’t want angry people with pitch forks visiting my regions. Should we have ever met, and I was rude, I sincerely apologise from the bottom of all my pixels. Now, we’re getting carried away here.

Subject for an article please… Opensimulator on Steam ? Opensimulator Hardware ? Opensimulator pre-configured and bundled with an Oculus Rift, ? (since you have to buy the 1500 $ kit with PC, can just as well pre-install it).  Opensim development & funding ?,  Opensim compatibility with Voxels?, (one for you Dadix), viewer apps for the smartphone ( without pay per second idiocracy plz)?,  the future of virtual / 3D worlds?, Commerce in virtual worlds?, the impact of 3D technology coming into people’s living room?, it’s cherry picking for articles. There’s thousands of subjects worthwhile writing and reading about in the metaverse. It has as many desires as it has avatars. So you read all the above, and were still where we started. Pick a subject. Ohh, and the bottom of the page is here too. And were near 750 words already. Hope I didn’t bore you to death, but i’m running out of whitespace here. (I wish i could say the same on my regions ).   

So for now i will go overboard  with sources and fact checking and interviews. Since I live in the OSGrid.  Let’s just check the “OSG Crystal Ball” to see what the rest of this year brings us. Some Opensim core developers are tied up in their own personal lives/careers. (Ball said : Bummer!) This might however, open opportunities for new developers. (Ball said : Yay!) OSG announced a meeting, 5th of July, and I quote “There will be a very important announcement made at the meeting. (Ball said : Exciting !) OSG8B is coming up on 25th & 26th,. If it’s anything like the past 4 years, you will see awesome builds, have great music, and speak to all the people you don’t meet every day. (Ball said : Party Time !). The legal processes to get OSG fully registered as a non-profit organisation should be near completion. If that’s the case, OSG will probably announce and schedule elections somewhere in the future. (Ball said :  Evolution !) Summer started in Europe, and in 2-3 weeks national holidays will start in various countries, which means traffic to the metaverse will likely slow down. (Ball said : Relaxing !) I expect there is an excellent party coming. (Ball said :  Fun!)

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