Nara Malone September 2015 Guest Writer

The Making of Immersive Edge: A Hypergrid Story
by Nara Malone
This story began as a poem, “Cyberlove”, that I wrote a few years ago.
When Fushcia Nightfire was planning the avatars she would make for the
Fest’ Avi 2015, she asked in our Metaverse Authors group if anyone had a
poem they would let her use to make a male and female avatar. Cyberlove
became that poem. Then Cherry Manga created a scene in the Fest’Avi
show depicting the cyber lovers with the words of the poem written on the
ground, on the sky and Fuschia’s avatars appearing with the words
tattooed on their skin, also forming their hair and clothes. Two big red
hearts beat behind windows in their chests.

That moment and the progression of avatars that appeared in their
settings as the show progressed started a story germinating in the back of
my mind. It wouldn’t go away so a couple weeks later I shared the idea
with Fuschia and she liked it. It was such a big project and far out there
idea. I wanted to use the story and NPCs as means to present that search
we all go through—who we are as avatars and how we balance that with
reality and the demands it makes on us. I wanted to do it with the
Hypergrid Community as a way to demonstrate some of the best features
of the Opensimulator platform. I wanted to demonstrate positive uses for
NPCs in engaging interactive builds.
I went to my author friends Siobhan Muir and Shannan Albright, hoping
they would talk sense into me. Talk me out of it. They didn’t.
Shannan helped me brainstorm main character design and story form. I
wrote all that into an organizing document and sent it to a list of talented
hypergrid community creators with styles and voices I believed would
blend well across the breadth of the tale. I gave them the character and
explained the problem situation they’d gotten themselves into. I pointed
out the thing about the characters that needs to change if they are ever
going to be happy. Their job was to build the settings and create the
supporting characters that would make change happen, torture them in a
variety of ways to make them learn the needed lessons. They did.
We are in the final ten days of building before our deadline and I don’t
think any of us imagined at the start how this tale would develop. I knew
that bringing this talented and creative team together to tell a story would
yield something amazing. I’m not alone when I say I can’t find words to
describe what grew out of this collaboration. I wander through their
scenes in awe. You will just have to come see for yourselves.

Look at this list of participants. With a talent pool this deep, you know why pinning
down what they’ve done defies description.
Scene One                              Scene Two                                Scene Three
 Nara Malone                          Avia Bonne                                Serene Jewel
 Neo Cortex                             Shannan Albright                    Fred Beckhusen
 Shannan Albright                Jessie Campbell                        Mattie McBride

Scene Four                          Scene Five                                 Scene Six
 Talia Sunsong                      Sunbeam Magic                       Praline B
 Endora Twinklens              Jessie Campbell                       Cherry Mang

Scene Seven                 Scene Eight                      Scene Nine                                                Aine Caoimhe              Ruby OdeGee                   Shin Ingen                                                                                                                                           Fred Beckhusen

Machinima—Fuschia Nightfire

Immersive Edge is the story of Namaka and Dylan, two avatars who get
lost in virtuality and their quest to discover the way back to who they
really are. Stories always happen on two levels, the change they create in
the characters and the change they create in the readers. We hope as you
journey through our story it inspires your creations and your life as an


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