Thirza Ember January 2016 Guest Writer

GUEST WRITER : Thriza Ember

Celebrating Cornflakes Week

The last week of February is an opportunity for you to join in for second annual celebration of Cornflakes Week. This uniquely OpenSim event is a bit different from most festivals and exhibitions. Anyone can celebrate on their home grid with a dance, or display, and invite others via the G+ page set up by Virtual Christine. .

What is Cornflakes Week?

It is celebrates everything silly, it shakes a fist at real life. Cornflakes Woodcock, for whom the festival is named, was an OSGrid builder who battled with grave challenges in regard to his health, his job, and his family. He turned these into a creativity that mocks the stuff that life throws at us all sometimes. Sound familiar? These are issues that touch us all, either personally, or in the lives of people we care about inworld.

After Cornflakes passed away, his son wanted his virtual friends and colleagues to know how much building and sharing had meant to him. Corn always kept a sandbox open for people to use, and was delighted when he saw his creations on other regions. This is the true OpenSim spirit. When he passed, many who had been friends with him were not aware of the fact for a long time; they simply assumed he was busy elsewhere, and this is also part of our virtual life, but something the community can work to fix, so that nobody need feel alone.

Cornflakes week is not a tribute to one person, it is more a chance to look to the future and face present reality with optimism. Cornflakes Week is your chance to show solidarity with everyone in our community dealing with difficulties, and laugh along with them too.

What is the ‘Cornflakes Week Look’?

Cornflakes left behind a huge legacy of creations, which are available for free on a number of grids, including Sanctuary, OSGrid and Metropolis. More information will be available in coming weeks on the G+ community page. You don’t have to use Cornflakes items, any bright primary colors or absurd creations will fit the bill. Make something original! Take your inspiration from other artists! The sillier the better. For example, as part of the events last year, Dorothea Lundquist decorated her club Close Encounter with Dali paintings.

How can you get involved?

Join the G+ group so you can post photos and information about your event. HG Safari will be holding a special Cornflakes Safari on the Wednesday of Cornflakes Week, so come along and be part of the fun. On other grids, dances and exhibitions will be organized so you can participate in those. Invite the community to come and see your region or grid. Get some silly bright clothes and attachments to wear. Tee shirts and dresses will be available on hgsafari sim on Francogrid, and elsewhere.

Who is in charge?

In keeping with the Cornflakes spirit, nobody is in charge, everyone can do or organize whatever they like. Virtual Christine kindly set up the community page on G+ to make it easier to share information, but apart from that it is Liberty Hall!

When is Cornflakes Week this year? In 2016, the festivities will be from Sunday 22 February through to Saturday February 27.

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