shawnkmaloney “Don’t Read This” March 2017 Guest Writer

Editor’s Note: This is shawnkmaloney’s Second shawnkmaloney craftgrid

time as HG VISIONZ Guest Writer. We are happy

to have his thoughts and humor in our Second

Anniversary issue. Thank you.


by Guest Writer: shawnkmaloney craftgrid

A lot has happened, and a lot has just stayed the same, and a lot has UNhappened since my last guest writing experience for this here weirdly spelled OpenSim Magazine, which was back in June 16, 2015. Now that I got THAT mess out of the way, which only took me about 17hours:32minutes:18seconds to throw together (that was a joke) I’d like to address the subject of…………TYPING!!!

Why? Well, if you know ANYTHING about me, then YOU would not ask why, cuz you know how much I despise it. And yet, what did I go and do last week? I bought a new keyboard, and mouse to replace what I bought last year. I mean really does everyone believe that there can’t be a key made that wont ever lose it’s character? That’s just refrickendiculous. So the answer to my dilema of having to live in a world of programmed typey type typers, is to do a “How To NOT Type” video, don’t worry, I’m not gonna, cuz that would just be even MORE of my time wasted.

This world is still toooooooo insecure to let itself be heard. What kills me is that, I have heard (and seen typed) pretty much all the excuses, as to why people type for hours, instead of getting all of what they typed done in just 15 minutes by using a typing aid. Yup, there IS such a thing!! Actually, there are quite a few, and the two typing aids that IIIIIIIIIII use, when possibly around other human beings, are Skype and Hangouts, and yet, even with me having those two available, on my machine, running pretty much 24/7, I just don’t get that much use out of them. I know , I know, I know, you don’t believe me, cuz I’m just so popular and all. Well it’s the truth, I ain’t that popular, and I like it that way, cuz I really don’t like talking that much either. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 But still, I know why people don’t use most things that are recommended to them……. because they are lazy, complacent, non-adventurous and/or they just plum forget that nothing works unless it’s turned on and used!!!

I am the best test dummy in/out of OpenSim. So, when you tell yourself (or type at yourself) “Shawn is right, typing IS stupid in this day and age of communications AND I am a Confident, Bold and Honest human being”. I am waaaaay more reliable, when it comes to giving help, than Micro$oft OR GOOgle combined ever has been, or will be. And since I respect yer right to type, I wont give you any links to Skype or Hangouts. I’ll just type that My info is in my G+ profile “About” section, for both of those, for when YOU are ready to be known, and not guessed about. 🙂

Carry on.

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I Believe in fairys, mermaids, unicorns, angels and all things magical. The word 'magic' lifts my spirits, puts a glow in my heart and a smile on my face ♥ Step in Sunshine☼
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